Our Story - Kwik Trip | Kwik Star
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We’re a family-owned company based in La Crosse, WI and home to more than 35,000 co-workers. If you’ve been in Wisconsin, Minnesota or Iowa recently, there’s a good chance we’ve seen you at one of our 800+ stores.

Our Mission

“To serve our customers and community more effectively than anyone else by treating our customers, co-workers, and suppliers as we, personally, would like to be treated and to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Delivering Fresh Daily

With our own Bakery, Kitchens, Dairy, Distribution and Transportation divisions, we produce much of what we serve ourselves and deliver it right to your local store every day, so you always get fresh, quality products.

Our Bakery

We bake between 25 and 30 different items every single day.

Our Dairy

Every gallon of milk is bottled within 24 hours of reaching our dairy.

Our Kitchens

Many of our meals can be taken home to heat up although we're happy to do it for you.