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Vertical Integration

As a vertically integrated company, we operate our own bakery, dairy, water bottling line, kitchens, food-safety lab, distribution center, ice plant, LP plant, blow mold facility, transportation company and health clinic. Our company makes, ships, and sells 80% of our own branded products.

We’re able to produce over 200 loaves of bread per minute in our state of the art bread and buns facility. Currently, 11 varieties of bread are baked fresh and delivered to your local store daily.

Glazers are baked fresh in our Sweet Goods bakery 365 days of the year. We also bake all of our own muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and other pastries in this same bakery.

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All of our milk is sourced from dairy farms within a 100-mile radius of La Crosse, Wisconsin. We started bottling milk in 1981, and now we’re shipping out over 80,000 gallons every day!

Our kitchens team can make up to 40,000 delicious pizzas every day! We produce over 70 different items of our own commissary. Our food innovation team works hard to develop new items all the time.

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