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Commercial & Fleet Cards

Our Commercial & Fleet cards are specifically designed to deliver big discounts to you and your business. Earn rebates and manage fuel costs down to every gallon purchased. In addition to savings, our programs offer access to easy-to-use expense tracking and detailed reporting to help get the most out of every mile; at no extra cost to you.*
No matter the size of your business, one van or a fleet of trucks; there is a fuel management program ready to help you take control at the pump. Contact us today to get started!

Attention: Due to website enhancements, effective April 22nd, all current DataTracker account registrations will be reset. Accounts will need to reregister by clicking ‘Register’ and entering the account registration information.

If you are a Kwik Rewards Plus cardholder, please visit to register your card.

DataTracker Card Benefits

Accepted at over 650 Kwik Trip Inc. locations

Save cents on every gallon & 10% off most in-store merchandise

Customized security & restrictions by card

Detailed Expense Reporting

Online Account Management

In-Store Cards Available