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Six KT products honored at World Dairy Expo

Six different Kwik Trip dairy products were recognized as being among the best in class at the 2021 World Dairy Expo Dairy Product Championships, held in Madison in late August.

The Expo is hosted by the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association and featured over 1,400 entries across 90 different categories. Each product sampled is scored out of 100.

Kwik Trip dairy director Jeremy Nickelotti and senior production manager Kyle Schild pose with the six Kwik Trip products honored at August’s World Dairy Expo.

Out of the many products entered and sampled, Kwik Trip’s Nature’s Touch strawberry milk came away with the top overall ranking, with a score of 99.9 in the strawberry milk category.

Alongside that, Kwik Trip’s low-fat chocolate milk placed third in the Low-Fat Chocolate Milk category, with a score of 99.8.

Both of Kwik Trip’s Greek frozen yogurt options, blueberry and black raspberry, placed in the Frozen Yogurt category. Blueberry placed second, with black raspberry right behind as a close third, with scores of 98.4 and 98.3, respectively.

In the Half & Half category, Kwik Trip’s half & half creamer placed second, with a score of 99.35.

Lastly, placing second in the Creative/Innovative product category is Kwik Trip’s salted caramel cappuccino.

Since there are no other national contests that feature all dairy products, the World Dairy Expo is one of its kind.

It’s a very unique contest. It’s the only one of its kind in the world,” Brad Legreid, executive director of the WDPA, told Spectrum News1. “There’s no other contest involved all dairy products. So we run the full spectrum from cheese, butter, ice cream, food, milk, yogurt, sour cream, whey—you name it.”

Kyle Schild, Kwik Trip’s Senior Production Manager in the dairy, said that the company is proud to have been honored in such a wide range of products.

“We’re excited to have placed in six different categories,” said Schild. “We feel it is a testament to our coworkers and the products they produce every day for our guests.”