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Pothole PIzza

Pothole™ Pizza. If you’ve had it, you love it.

If not? That’s on you.

What makes it great? First off, there’s the thin, crispy crust. Add some sauce, and a delicious blend of cheese. A whole mess of cheese, in fact. Then, we’re on to toppings. Jumbo sausage. Sliced pepperoni. Even some veggies, if you’re so inclined.

The outcome? A pizza worth celebrating.

Meat Sweats, Pep Rally, Sausage Palooza

The varieties?

Well, after a super professional meeting about brand names, we came up with some winners.

Meat Sweats. Pep Rally. Kitchen Sink. Take It Cheesy. And of course, Sausage Palooza.

And so the potholes rallied and palooza’d and sweated in a land far, far away from their luke-warm-soggy-cardboard counterpart pizza pies. These pies are prepped fresh in our La Crosse kitchens, frozen and delivered to your local store, and come hot from your oven.

So there you have it. Pothole™ Pizza.

Meat Sweats image