Kwik Rewards Welcome Page - Kwik Trip | Kwik Star

Hi there! We have a few more things to tell you about your new Kwik Rewards card.
Each time you swipe your card with a purchase, boom that’s a visit! It get’s tracked on the app or on – but just a heads up you can only earn 1 visit every 30 minutes.

How to redeem your reward:

Once you’ve earned 15 visits you can redeem your selected 15th visit reward. Just have them ring up your reward option, swipe your Kwik Rewards card and watch the discount apply as the transaction completes.

15 Visits icon

Or, you can save up your visits!

Not looking to spend your visits right away? Save them up by changing your reward preference to “Save Visits”
Visits can be used to enter sweepstakes and redeem exclusive in-store or partner rewards – like tickets to the game, experiences, even limited edition merchandise!

In-Store & Partner Rewards:

To spend your visits on In-Store & Partner Rewards head to the “Spend Visits” tab in your mobile app or online account. Then select “Add Offer” when you’re ready to spend your visits.
Visits will automatically deduct from your account balance and the selected reward will be loaded to your account!



To enter sweepstakes just go to the “sweepstakes” tab and select the sweepstakes of your interest, then choose the number of visits you wish to use as entries. We’ll use the contact information on your account to reach you if you’ve won!

We hope you’re enjoying Kwik Rewards! Remember to use your rewards card during each transaction to earn more visits for more rewards and opportunities!