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Pizza Concessions

Kwik Trip’s The Kwikery Cheese Mountain® Pizza Concession Fundraising Program is an easy and delicious way to raise money for your group. We provide you with a great-tasting Cheese Mountain® Pizza and the equipment to make your sales the best they can be. Our signature Cheese Mountain® Pizza is a large pie that can be cut into six slices.  Your group purchases the pizzas at a discounted price then sets the selling price per slice.

You bake it or we bake it! You decide whether you want your pizzas baked by our local Kwik Trip/Kwik Star store or if you want them unbaked so your group can bake and serve them yourselves. We’ll work with your group to make it as easy as possible for you to earn money.

We offer your group a four-shelf pizza warming display unit and a pizza oven at no charge to you. This equipment may only be used to cook, display and sell Cheese Mountain® Pizzas. Each warming unit will feature a promotional header advertising Cheese Mountain® Pizza.

For more information, see your local Kwik Trip/Kwik Star Store Leader for details.

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