Chicken - Kwik Trip | Kwik Star

As your neighbor, we strive to make your lives easier and mealtimes happier.

To meet these goals, we’re taking the hard work into our own hands and out of yours.


What’s on the menu?

2 piece dark meat (thigh and leg)

2 piece white meat (breast and wing)

Half chicken (4 piece)

8 piece Chicken

3 piece tenders

8 piece tenders

Roasted Whole Chicken

We deliver fresh, never frozen chicken to your local store daily. From there, your dinner is hand-breaded, fried to perfection, and ready for pick-up.

Our team inspects each batch to control temperatures and and ensure quality. Pick up your chicken hot, ready-to-eat for tonight’s dinner, or cold, sealed fresh for tomorrow’s lunch.

Currently available at select locations. New locations added monthly. Please call your local store for current chicken availability.