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Gallons of milk on sale now!

Milk. If you’re from the Midwest, you love it. Even if you’re not, you probably still need it! Whether you need it for that holiday baking recipe, you’re adding it to scrambled eggs to make them rich and creamy (try it!), or enjoying dinner with an ice cold glass, we’ve all got a reason to love Nature’s Touch Milk. And on sale now, for a limited time, you can grab a gallon of Nature’s Touch milk (2%, 1% or Skim) for just $2.99. Prices valid through January 9, 2023, so make sure to take advantage of this deal all holiday season long.


Psst… If you’ve never tried milk in scrambled eggs before, try it! Simply add 1 tablespoon of milk per egg before whisking, and then cook the eggs low and slow. I don’t want to say it’s life changing but it’s close.