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Kwik and Easy Tacos and Burgers

Ground Beef 73% Lean, 27% Fat and Dos Rios Taco Meat on sale for $1.99 each starting 2/11/22 for a limited time. Limit 5 

Looking for a cheap and easy dinner? Think burgers and tacos. Just for $1.99 each (Limit 5) you can purchase ground beef and/or taco meat to make the perfect meal. Here are two shopping lists we recommend! 


1 lb Dos Rios Taco Meat 

1 red tomato, diced 

½ white onion, diced 

1 cup of shredded lettuce 

1 cup of shredded Cheese 

Kwikery tortilla shells or hard shells, whichever you prefer! 

 To mix it up a bit, grab some of your favorite Urge tortilla chips to make it into nachos! 


1 lb 73% lean Kitchen Cravings ground beef 

1 pack of Kwikery hamburger buns 

Sliced cheese of your liking (or none) 

½ white onion, sliced 

½ red tomato, sliced 

A couple pieces of fresh lettuce 

Voila! You’ve got the food for two easy (and cheap) dinners ready to go. Let’s get cooking!