The URGE!™ - Kwik Trip | Kwik Star

Feed “The Urge!”

Satisfy it! — with sweet, tart, crunchy, creamy, gooey, chewy or gummy! Discover all our snacks from candy, popcorn, pretzels, nuts, trail mix, jerky to chips.

So, what the heck is The Urge…?

It’s that insistent hankerin’ inside us all, ready to emerge without warning and is only stopped by just the right, crunchy, munchy, flavorful bite.

Urge! has many moods. Be ready for whatever hankerin’ comes next with delightfully munchable and always satisfying Urge! snacks.

Satisfying, one bite at a time.

Our URGE! product line includes all of your favorite snacks to take with you on the go. Grab some sweets to share, or munch on your favorite trail mix! The Urge is ready for whatever adventure life throws your way next.

Try our signature No Dip Required!™ chips – uniquely layered flavor that is deceptively simple and divinely complex all in one crunchy, craveable chip. Imagine tasting sweet, salty and savory – all in one chip – it’s like taste bud magic! North of the border, they are a top flavor for Canadians who knew them as ‘all dressed’! Try ’em. They’re sure to ‘satisfy The Urge!’