KFAN Ultimate Tailgate Sweepstakes Landing - Kwik Trip | Kwik Star

Image of Ford F150 with KFAN station graphic and pothole pizza with character graphics on purple background

Ultimate Tailgate Sweepstakes

We’re giving away free Pothole Pizzas and MTN DEW AND a new Ford F-150!

Buy 20-oz MTN DEW or Pothole Frozen Pizza with Kwik Rewards to be automatically entered for a chance to win!

How to enter:

  1. Purchase qualifying products at Kwik Trip or Kwik Star in MN or IA using your registered Kwik Rewards account.
    a. Buy 20-oz MTN DEW or Pothole Frozen Pizza. – You’ll receive one entry per eligible item purchased.
    b. If you buy both together, you’ll get 10 bonus entries for a total of 12 in that transaction!
  2. Spend visits in your Kwik Rewards account. – You’ll receive one entry per visit entered.

How long does this sweepstakes run?


See the official rules for how to enter by mail, how to make a qualified purchase and opt-out, prize descriptions and details, and odds disclosure.