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Car Wash Fundraiser

How does it work?

Our Car Wash card fundraising program allows your organization to purchase Kwik Trip, Inc. 5-count ULTIMATE Car Wash cards for $20 a card. Your organization then sells the cards for $36 each. That is a $16 profit per card for your organization!

Did you know?

Once you are enrolled in the Car Wash Fundraising Program you are automatically enrolled in the Scrip Gift Card Fundraising Program as well? Learn more about our Scrip Program here:

What are the benefits of the Ultimate Car Wash?

Undercarriage Flush, Presoak, High-Pressure Wash or Soft Foam Wash, Triple Shine Vehicle Enhancer/Cleaner, Spot-Free Rinse and 95-Second Super Dry*.
*wash amenities vary slightly by location.

What’s a Pre-Sale?

Some organizations prefer to collect orders and money from supporters before purchasing their Car Wash Cards. This helps to ensure that there will not be extra inventory and funds are collected upfront. For your convenience, we also have a Car Wash Pre-Sell Sheet for you to use.

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  • Can organizations purchase fundraising cards from store locations?
    • Unfortunately no. The cards must be ordered from the corporate office. Once you are set up with an account, we will provide various user-friendly methods for placing orders.
  • Is there a shipping fee?
    • All cards are shipped at no cost to the organization. You will receive the cards within 3 to 4 business days.
  • What does a 5-count Ultimate car wash card normally cost?
    • A 5-count Ultimate car wash card retails for $40
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    • Acceptable forms of payment are check or ACH checking account. With the ACH option, funds can either be withdrawn from the bank account you provide on the next business day after your order is shipped or 30 days after your order is shipped.