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No mistakin’! It’s a sale on bacon

$2.49 bacon on sale now

Bacon is on sale.

That’s right, a 12 oz. package of bacon is on sale right now through April 3rd. Some people express their happiness about bacon through facial expressions, maybe a slight fist pump, or even a “heck yeah, gonna head down to Kwik Trip to buy some.” Not me though. I express my bacon joy through poetry.


You come in a package that’s hard to open

And perhaps, even harder to close

But when I lay you on the griddle

Your aroma awakens my nose


It doesn’t matter the time of day

For breakfast, for dinner, or lunch

Good with eggs, or burgers, or on a sandwich

Or just eaten by the bunch


So head on down to your local Kwik Trip

Because for a limited time

This 12 ounce package of bacon’s on sale

For just two forty-nine