Deliciously Fresh

We make it fresh. We keep it fresh.
We deliver fresh products to our stores everyday. Then we keep a close eye on it to make sure it’s always at the peak of freshness.

To ensure you’re getting the very best, we make much of what we sell at our own Bakery, Kitchen's and Dairy in La Crosse, then use our own trucks to deliver it fresh. This includes:
  • All our Kwikery® bread, buns and  Glazers® donuts
  • Every drop of Nature’s Touch® milk and orange juice
  • Every delicious bite of Kitchen Cravings® sandwiches, salads and wraps
Every piece of fruit and produce comes through our warehouse, so it's inspected and held to our high standards; that means you see only the pick of the crop.

This is how we can bring you the freshest food and drinks while keeping prices low.
You wouldn’t expect anything less. Neither do we.